Definitions for "contaminated"
rendered impure by addition of deleterious substances; as, had to boil the contaminated water.
The presence or reasonably anticipated presence of blood or other potentially infectious materials on a surface, in or on an item.
made impure by contact; polluted
containing undesired or infective microorganisms.
Something that is infected
corrupted by contact or association; "contaminated evidence"
appearing unethical due to a questionable source or motives; -- of money or activities; as, The fund was contaminated by a large donation from a mobster.
Any contaminated object that can penetrate the skin including, but not limited to, needles, scalpels, broken glass, broken capillary tubes, and exposed ends of dental wires.
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Poisoned or spoiled purity of food.
damaged by inclusion of incorrect data or information not belonging; as, The file was contaminated by a buggy editor.
A term used when referring to a system that is known to contain foreign substances, such as incompatible or hazardous materials.
Containing potentially harmful material.
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See Radioactive Contamination