Definitions for "Boil"
A hard, painful, inflamed tumor, which, on suppuration, discharges pus, mixed with blood, and discloses a small fibrous mass of dead tissue, called the core.
an inflamed, raised area of skin that is pus-filled; usually an infected hair follicle
A deep-seated bacterial infection of a hair follicle, producing a painful skin nodule containing pus; also called a furuncle.
To be agitated, or tumultuously moved, as a liquid by the generation and rising of bubbles of steam (or vapor), or of currents produced by heating it to the boiling point; to be in a state of ebullition; as, the water boils.
To be agitated like boiling water, by any other cause than heat; to bubble; to effervesce; as, the boiling waves.
To pass from a liquid to an aëriform state or vapor when heated; as, the water boils away.
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a skinabscess
Boil is a live album by Foetus released in 1996. Boil is culled from Foetus' Rednecropolis 96 European tour.
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a synonym for sensuality
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I learned that when something is boiling, the sides of the pan will vibrate. I never knew this growing up. When I would make hard boiled eggs, I could never tell when they started to boil. I did not realize I should listen to the sounds made and it would make a different sound when it started to boil. When I attended the training center, one lady showed me that if I touched the pan handles when the water came to a boil, they would vibrate, and that's how you know for sure when it has come to a boil. It also sounds different, with practice and experience you'll get to know when something is boiling from across the room.
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The point a parent reaches upon hearing the automatic "yuk" before food is even tasted.
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a way for the body to try to cleanse itself of something bad
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An expression for condensing news copy.
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Act or state of boiling.