Definitions for "Steaming"
A term used to describe a blackjack player that lost control of himself during a game, caused by repeated loses at the blackjack table. "Steaming" happens mostly to novice players that doesn't know how to control themselves and they haven't yet mastered the issue of money management.
Said of a player who is making mistakes because he is upset.
Playing recklessly due to frustration.
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The cooking object is surrounded by steam ( the temperature is higher than boiling water), normally covered, produced by some liquid.
this means simply cooking in steam, either with the food in direct contact with the steam or by having the food in the basin or other dish placed in steam or boiling water. Learn more about Chinese cooking techniques here .
A moist-heat cooking method in which food is cooked by direct contact with the hot steam rising off of a boiling liquid; the food is placed in a basket or rack above a boiling liquid in a covered pan.
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The film Steaming (released in 1985) was adapted from Nell Dunn's novel by Patricia Losey and Nell Dunn. It proved to be the final film directed by Joseph Losey and appearing the actress Diana Dors before their respective deaths in 1984. The story centred around three women who meet regularly in a steam room and decide to fight its closure.
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someone who is betting and raising constantly to try and recoup money lost on a bad beat.
Industry term for when a play experiences a bad beat and is angry over it, resulting in poor subsequent play.
Betting higher and higher after a series of losses
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The process by which most synthetic fiber is curled at the factory. The curl pattern in a synthetic wig or hairpiece may be changed by setting it in rollers or clips, and using an ordinary hand-held clothing steamer on them. After steaming the curls, let the fiber get completely cool before removing the pins or rollers.
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emitting moisture in the form of vapor or mist; "a steaming kettle"; "steaming towels"
application of steam to a textile product. A finishing process used prior to distribution.
Wood chips are often treated with steam prior to pulping; used in thermomechanical pulping
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(used of heat) extremely; "the casserole was piping hot"