Definitions for "Pressure cooker"
Keywords:  cooker, lid, boils, steam, hermetically
a pot with a lid which may be tightly bound to the bottom part, forming a vessel which can withstand some gas pressure from within. It is used to heat foods in water or steam to a temperature somewhat above the boiling point of water, allowing the cooking process to be accomplished more quickly than otherwise.
A stove pot hermetically sealed, in which steam pressure builds up so that foods cook quickly at temperatures above boiling point.
autoclave for cooking at temperatures above the boiling point of water
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a must for this, as it reduces down the time immensely and it is much less of a chore
Keywords:  bailer, perfect, heavy, handles, loads
a perfect bailer with two handles for carrying heavy loads of water
Fig., a situation involving intense psychological pressure due to multiple urgent demands, as in certain job situations.
a wonderful resource for canning and simmering stocks, too