Definitions for "Barbecue "
Keywords:  basted, roast, grill, charcoal, broil
a framework of metal or brick, usually with a grill on top, in which a fire is lighted and on which food is cooked, usually outdoors; -- also called a barbecue grill.
A social entertainment, where people assemble, usually in the open air, at which a meal is prepared on a barbecue grill.
A hog, ox, or other large animal roasted or broiled whole for a feast.
Keywords:  svg, awt, barcodes, jpegs, swing
Barbecue is a Java barcode generator. It provides barcode generation for Swing/AWT, printing, and Web sites. Barcodes can be generated as Components, JPEGs, and SVG.
a particular useful in addition to attractive addition to any backyard, whether it's contemporary styled brick or else rustic cobblestone
Keywords:  sitcom, dear, episode, yes, american
Barbecue is an episode of the American sitcom Yes, Dear
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the girlfriend, a beauty.
Keywords:  gridiron, cure, exposure, dry, frame
To dry or cure by exposure on a frame or gridiron.
Keywords:  fun, occasion
a fun occasion, though
Keywords:  everyone, excellent, event
an excellent event for everyone
Keywords:  beans, dried, coffee, sun, floor
A floor, on which coffee beans are sun-dried.
Keywords:  theme
a theme in itself
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a great idea for a graduation party because
Keywords:  good, method
a good method