Definitions for "Graduation"
The marks on an instrument or vessel to indicate degrees or quantity; a scale.
Certification of the completion of all degree/certificate requirements by the posting of the appropriate degree to the student's academic record.
Each June, seniors who have completed the prescribed course of study at The Blake School receive a diploma during a ceremony held on the Hopkins campus. Families and friends are invited to the ceremony. Graduates attend the senior graduation party, sponsored by the senior parents, beginning immediately after the reception.
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Termination of a country's eligibility for GSP tariff preferences on the grounds that it has progressed sufficiently, in terms of per capita income or another measure, that it is no longer in need to special and differential treatment.
Where a tariff is higher for a finished product than for a primary commodity eg coffee beans receive a lower tariff than roasted coffee or instant coffee.
The point at which a developing country's eligibility for Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) is terminated for the reason of sufficient economic progression.
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Graduation will be the third major label album release from Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam hip hop artist-producer Kanye West. There is currently no official release date, but in an interview in January 2007, West said that the album will be released later than originally expected, in late 2007 Interview with West outlining his intention to release the album in 2007..
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of an incubatee from the incubator
The transition between black and white and from one color to another, or color deficiency. Sign up now Get 15 free prints See member benefits
a ritual to make the transition of a young person out of one institution of learning into another, or into the world
A smooth transition between colours
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a solemn moment
The act of graduating, or the state of being graduated; as, graduation of a scale; graduation at a college; graduation in color; graduation by evaporation; the graduation of a bird's tail, etc.
The exposure of a liquid in large surfaces to the air, so as to hasten its evaporation.
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Download Graduation Checklist (in Adobe .pdf format)
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The build up of a shape. It can create a curve in the hair and is the opposite of layering.
The tapering of the leg from the top to the bottom by tightening the stitches to give a proper fit at the ankle, knee and thigh.
In statistics, same as curve fitting.
a celebration of something completed as well as the start of something new
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a big event in anyone's life that should be remembered
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the act of arranging in grades