Definitions for "Tint"
Keywords:  lighten, hue, lighter, shade, pastel
A color considered with reference to other very similar colors; as, red and blue are different colors, but two shades of scarlet are different tints.
A shaded effect produced by the juxtaposition of many fine parallel lines.
To give a slight coloring to; to tinge.
Keywords:  tirks, awm, sma, react, integrator
TIRKS Interface Module (used with the SMA AWM PM Integrator and REACT systems)
Keywords:  tinge, ntsc, phase, errors, correction
Tint, tinge; In the video area in particular for the correction of phase errors at NTSC-signals
Keywords:  transmitter, interrupt
Transmitter interrupt.
Keywords:  palette, methodical, change
a methodical change in a palette
Keywords:  pigments, mixture, two
Mixture of two or more pigments.