Definitions for "HSB"
A color model that describes colors in the same way as the human eye perceives them, using hue, saturation (or chroma) and brightness (or luminance). The hue is defined by its position in a color circle and is specified by an angle lying between 0 and 360 degrees. The saturation corresponds to the amount of gray in the color mixture and has a value between 0 percent for gray and 100 percent for pure color. The values for brightness also range from 0 percent for black and 100 percent for white.
A color model that defines three components: hue, saturation, and brightness. Hue determines color (yellow, orange, red, etc.); brightness determines perceived intensity (lighter or darker color); and saturation determines color depth (from dull to intense).
colour model based on human perception of colour.
HSB or Hyresgästernas sparkasse - och byggnadsförening is a cooperative association for housing in Sweden. The organization's name could be roughly translated as The Savings and Construction Association of the Tenants. Members of the association are HSB's customers, i.e. individuals or groups that have bought properties from HSB.
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High-Speed Buffer.
orizontal croll ar let's the user move long lines or lists of items. May be also used as an indicator of quantity, speed, or as an input device to increase/decrease sound volume, for example (also see vsb or ertical croll ar).
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Humboldt State University "B"
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Hamdan Stud Book (Egypt)