Definitions for "RGB"
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RGB color stands for "Red Green Blue" (see color) and is an additive color mechanism. This 10-base system is used in CSS together with HTML to assign color to elements. Here is a table with the basic RGB values: The basic Hex-DEC color palette Name Hex-DEC Value Name Hex-DEC Value
Red, Green, and Blue are used in television and computer monitors to create all colors. RGB is similar to the CMYK used in process printing in that all colors are created by various combinations of a few base colors. However, the colors seen on your RGB screen will only accurately represent the colors printed in CMYK when very expensive, calibrated computer systems and translators are used.
Red, blue and green; the three colors of the electronic color guns for displaying color video in monitors and tv cameras, among others. newsgroup ( link via web)
( abbrev). The acronym for Rec.Gambling.Blackjack, a usenet newsgroup.
n. Abbreviation for Rec.Games.Board, a Usenet newsgroup which has discussions about all types of board gaming. It can be very useful for researching information about games and for getting answers to rules questions.
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Rrr Ggg Bbb
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Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass.
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An SGI RGB image file
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A video signal format that offers better picture quality than a standard video connection. Requires RGB-capable Scart inputs and outputs
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Best way to connect SKY Digital or standard DVD players etc. to a screen. (Not all screens have this type of connection).
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