Definitions for "Players"
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while all of the participants of most games are referred to as players, here the term has a slightly more specific meaning. The players are all of the participants except the Storyguide (q.v.).
Contestants in the game of politics who win or lose, who compete or cooperate in pursuit of certain goals, who exercise power or will, who enjoy or suffer.
Any member of PlayFive that submits game picks.
a relationship that is just as complimentary as spaghetti and bolognaise
Keywords:  sprained, ankle
a sprained ankle
Keywords:  spotty, one
a spotty one
a small theatre troupe that performs interactive theatre
Keywords:  versatile, bay, francisco, san, young
a group of young, versatile performers based in the San Francisco Bay Area
Keywords:  smart, move
a smart move
Keywords:  hybrid, iron, wood
a HYBRID (iron-wood)