Definitions for "REC"
A recommendation, a letter sent by an alumna in good standing to the collegiate chapter where a PNM will be going through recruitment. The letter introduces the PNM to the chapter. Recs are perceived to be very important at large Southern schools, but they are rarely heard of in other areas of the country, like the Pacific Northwest. Recommendations can be thought of as extra credit in sorority recruitment - they are definitely not required, but they won't hurt you if you have them. Also known as a Reference.
a written recommendation for a rushee from an alumnae(a) of a chapter.
a written recommendation for a rushee from an alumna(e) of a sorority.
Record(s) ECCO -- Maug Island, Marianas Islands ECEPTABLE -- Wotje Island, Marshall Islands ECKLESS -- Hollandia Operation, New Guinea ECLAIM -- Jerusalem, Palestine
Resolució n de Ejecució n Coactiva
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Receptions (Receiving) or Recovered (Fumbles)
Rec (レック) is a manga about an aspiring seiyū, authored by Hanamizawa Q-Tarou. An anime adaptation of the manga has been created which consists of nine 12-minute episodes−an unusual format.
Regional Energy Commission
Renewable Energy Credits
Renewable Energy Credit. A tradeable certificate representing the generation attributes of energy derived from a qualified renewable energy source. In the U.S., formal markets for RECs are established in New England and Texas, and are developing elsewhere. Informal and voluntary markets are active or emerging in several other U.S. regions. RECs are also called renewable energy certificates, tradable renewable certificates (TRCs), "green tags", and other names.
Rural electric cooperative.
Rural Electrification Corporation
Recreational activities, such as golf, motorcycling, and movies (for example,
Recruitment and Employment Confederation.
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abbr. Recommendation. Generally pronounced like "wreck". A W3C Recommendation.
Reporting on Environmental Conventions. It covers 64 international conventions for which the EU is a signatory
Regional Electricity Company
Record of Environmental Consideration; also Regional Environmental Coordinator.
A Research Ethics Committee established in any part of the UK in accordance with GAfREC.
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Racial Equality Council
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recommendation. is where someone has a page where they list fics that they read and felt that you should also read.
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recreational discussions
Newsgroup that discusses recreational type topics.
Windows Recorder macro file (filename extension).
Recorder (file name extension)
Recitation. A small section usually taken in conjunction with a lecture.
Rehabilitation engineering centers
Resource Exchange Center
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Radio-electronic combat.
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Video (& audio) tape RECORDing; RECORD mode function.
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See Lock Service.