Definitions for "Renewable"
A natural resource that can replenish itself over time. opposite of nonrenewable.
something we can grow or collect more of, e.g. wood or sunlight
Resources: Something we use from nature that can be replenished. For example, trees are a renewable resource; a tree can be planted to take the place of one that has been cut down. Oil is not a renewable resource; it takes millions of years for oil to form.
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esources which cannot be exhausted, eg. sun, wind, tide. kip A large open container used to transport materials, often on construction or mining sites.
insurance which can, at the election of the policy owner, be renewed at the end of a specified term without evidence of insurability.
Generally used in connection with a type of term assurance, which runs for an initial period of years. At expiry the policyholder has the option to 'renew' the policy, at premium rates current at the time, but without need for further underwriting.
This means that every time the policy term runs out, the policy can be renewed without having to pass another physical exam or experience underwriting. p 154
A scholarship or grant that may be renewed by the recipient, either automatically or through a reapplication process.
Capable of being renewed; as, a lease renewable at pleasure.
that can be renewed or extended; "a renewable lease"; "renewable subscriptions"
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