Definitions for "Cancellation"
The act, process, or result of canceling; as, the cansellation of certain words in a contract, or of the contract itself.
The termination of a contract. Usually applied to the termination of a policy before its natural expiration, but may be used to describe the ending of any contract during its natural life, such as an agent's contract.
the act of terminating an insurance policy during the policy period.
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Mark or imprint, e.g., CANCELLED, SPECCIMEN, SAMPLE, applied to a stamp to render stamps invalid for postal use.
Markings or defacement placed on a stamp by a postal authority to show that it has been used.
any postal marking applied to a stamp to prevent its reuse. Cancellation is not synonymous with postmark, although the two terms are frequently confused by using them interchangeably. Cancellations have been applied by handstamps, machine, and pen or marker.
Submenu Some loan programs provide for release of borrowers from their obligations to repay their loans. Borrowers must meet certain requirements to be eligible for cancellations such as death or permanent disability of the borrower. Some of the Federal student loan programs have additional cancellation provisions. For example, if the student becomes a teacher in certain national shortage areas, they may be eligible for cancellation of all or part of the balance of their educational loans. Another common cancellation provision is available if you serve in the military. The military pays off a portion of your loans for every year of service.
Cancellation occurs when a portion of, or the total loan, is returned to the lender and the debt is discharged.
The process of canceling a percentage of your loan for each year of public service such teaching in public institutions, Head Start, Peace Corp or ACTION service or service in the military in certain situations. Loans are also canceled in the case of a borrower's death, total permanent disability or some bankruptcy discharges.
To revoke, rescind or set aside something, such as an agreement. To make null and void.
The annulment of a license by either the licensing jurisdiction or the licensee.
the speech act of revoking or annulling or making void
You can make a Cancel request by clicking on the “Cancel this booking” button which can be found in your Personal Folder. Each booking is cancelled individually. A booking item that has been rejected back to you doesnâ€(tm)t need to be cancelled. When your booking is cancelled, you will get a message from our site with necessary details of your cancellations if any or simple information that your booking has been cancelled. In some cases cancellation is impossible. This happens when: you had already stayed at the hotel. In this case you will get back a note stating “Cancel denied”; your Cancel request is late and CANCELLATION DEADLINES have already come into force; when the hotel states the fact that you hadnâ€(tm)t shown up at the hotel (NO SHOW). In this case you will be liable for charge equal to 1 night stay at the hotel requested. NOTE: If in this case CANCELLATION DEADLINES had already taken effect you will be liable for full charge.
If, after submitting an order form, you want to reduce the quantity of, or even cancel a particular item, then you must cancel the old order completely and submit a new order form showing the correct quantity of items desired. You can cancel an order on the "Order Status" screen. The status for the line item is then changed from "Ordered" to "Cancellation requested". When you cancel an order, always be sure to contact the person named on the relevant form. When cancelling, please take into account any fees that may be incurred for cancellations or changes made after the deadline. Information on cancellation fees is contained in the relevant ordering or price information.
a request made before this point
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If the client cancels a confirmed booking within 24 hours of your call time, usually you will still be paid the full fee. One exception would be in the case of a Weather Permit. If the client cancels a confirmed booking within 48 hours of your confirmed call time, you will be paid 50% of the full fee.
24 hour notice before booking is to begin or money is due agency and talent.
Termination of the booking. There is normally a time limit within which a cancellation must be made. The negotiations would spell out a cancellation fee should one be due.LLL must be advised of a print or non-union talent cancellation 24 hours prior to the booking, or a fee of one hour will be charged. Half-fee will be charged for cancellation of a day-rate booking. Monday bookings must be cancelled by 3pm Friday afternoon.
An active child care case must be given a 10-day notice of cancellation if the case no longer meets the eligibility requirements of the Child Care Assistance Program.
The discontinuance of child support enforcement services due to the written request of a non-AFDC client. Also in an AFDC case, the discontinuance of AFDC financial benefits for an assistance unit because of the failure to satisfy the conditions of eligibility under the Title IV-A State Plan.
Cancels a certain percentage of the principal loan amount for borrowers who meet specific eligibility requirements.
To withdraw from an agreement or contract. Sometimes you can cancel a contract if the other party is in breach of the agreement, i.e. they have misrepresented the goods or services or provided faulty goods. Sometimes, the law gives automatic rights to cancel within a certain period of time, known as a " cooling off period" . Legal rights to cancel include contracts made at a distance (over the internet, phone or mail order), goods or services bought as a result of an unsolicited or uninvited visit to the home or credit agreements signed at home. At other times, the contract terms themselves may give you cancellation rights so always read contracts carefully.
Used in conjunction with unit linked funds, whereby units are sold or cancelled to pay for certain expenses of the fund or the linked contract.
A regulated consumer credit agreement maybe cancellable under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 where negotiation before the transaction took place face to face with the customer and the agreement is signed by the customer off trade premises. Special cancellation notices must be provided and the customer has a short period after the agreement has been signed (a "cooling off" period) of five days (or fourteen days where the goods are ordered by mail order) to change his mind and cancel the order.
Refers to Section 6 (b) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) which authorizes cancellation of a pesticide registration if unreasonable adverse effects to the environment and public health develop when a product is used according to widespread and commonly recognized practice, or if its labeling or other material required to be submitted does not comply with FIFRA provisions.
Ovulation induction cycles for IVF are occasionally cancelled because of a poor response (not enough follicles or low estradiol levels) or hyperstimulation (too many follicles with a high estradiol level).
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the process of eliminating or reducing the full effect of a remedy. Occurs when a remedy is exposed to sunlight, electricity, strong odors (such as camphor or mint), or is touched by someone else.
a document showing proof that you have paid a deed of trust ( instrument that secures the repayment of a sum of money or the performance of other conditions ) in full
The operation of striking out common factors, in both the dividend and divisor.
The striking out of a licence or certificate permanently
a declaration next to the cut that never existed the union
a procedure to have a declared emptiness union as if it never happened
When an IPO or secondary issue has difficulty getting investor interest to raise the desired capital, the company issuing the shares may cancel the offering in favor for some other form of financing.
The energy of one waveform significantly decreasing the energy of another waveform because of phase relationships at or close to 180 degrees
Units in open-ended funds are destroyed as cash is taken out of the fund (redemption).
If your share options are cancelled, you will no longer be able to exercise your options to buy shares. Any payment you receive for the cancellation is taxable.
If you do not pay your fees on time, your schedule will be cancelled. You will need to re-register.
The reversal of a penalty or interest that has already been assessed.
The obligation to repay the principal and interest may be cancelled upon the fulfillment of specific requirements by the borrower.
A method of rendering stocks and bonds non-negotiable. See more at cancellation.
an event of default) before any compensation is received
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As it sounds.
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the act of cancelling; calling off some arrangement
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The date or time that the Guarantee is cancelled.
A process by which a registered design can be removed from the register, by the registered owner.