Definitions for "Declaration Page"
Also known as the Dec page (pronounced deck). This is the portion of the insured's contract that gives the who, what, and how much of what is being insured as stated in the application.
That page of the insurance policy which lists the insurance company, its address, name of the policyholder, starting and ending dates of coverage, and the actual coverages given in the contract, including the covered locations and amounts.
1) With respect to property and liability insurance, the portion of the insurance policy itself, used to detail the name and address of the insured, the locations covered, the policy period, limits of insurance, endorsements attached and premiums for coverage. Commercial policies also contain such items as the type of entity and type of operation of the insured. 2) A statement made to the company or to its agents by a policyholder, upon which the company may rely in undertaking the insurance.