Definitions for "Provisions"
Provisions relate to the obligations in respect of long term nuclear liabilities for reprocessing spent fuel, decommissioning power stations and managing wastes over the operating lifetimes of the stations concerned.
money set aside in the accounts (and charged against profits' to provide against expected losses such as bad debts.
A liability which may occur in the future. Shown in the profit and loss when created, thereafter in the balance sheet until reversed.... more on: Provisions
The contents of an insurance contract that details the terms of the policy and the obligations and rights of the insured and the insurance company. Return to the top Return to the top
Statements contained in a life insurance contract that explain the benefits, futures and other conditions of the life insurance policy.
Statements contained in an insurance policy, which explain the benefits, conditions and other features of the insurance contract.
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a misdemeanor
provisions - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
a long-delayed part of that landmark piece of legislation which will do nothing to harm voting rights but will make the laws of the US apply equally in all states
The sections in a piece of legislation dealing with specific items.For example, it is a provision of the BCEA that employees must receive a pay slip from their employer.
A clause or stipulation in an agreement.
A stipulation or qualification, especially a clause in a document or an agreement.
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a stock or supply of foods
A stock of necessary supplies, especially food.
The food and food preparation equipment carried in the wagon, usually the most important part of the cargo.
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Education is the best provision for old age. Aristotle
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conditions or terms in a legal document
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