Definitions for "Life insurance policy"
The contract that sets out the terms of life insurance coverage.
a binding contract between yourself and a life insurance company
a contract between an insurance company and a policy holder (insured) to pay out an agreed amount to the insured's beneficiaries (usually family) upon the death of the policy holder
a fundamental part of buy/sell agreements because the policy can provide immediate funds to the surviving partners to buy out the deceased or disabled partner
Limited payment policy Purchasingpower risk
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an asset like any other owned by the donor
a peculiar type of asset
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a good way to make a gift, which will provide significant results at a future date
a must, by the way, especially if you have a home loan to pay off
an easy, low cost way to leave an "estate" behind
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an important and valuable document
an excellent solution to ensure that they can preserve the capital in their estate
a combination of protection and savings to meet your future needs
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a long-term commitment
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a piece of property