Definitions for "Donor"
One who gives or bestows; one who confers anything gratuitously; a benefactor. Inverse of recipient.
The person who makes a gift. Back to the Top
The family or unrelated volunteer who donates tissues, organs or blood to a person in need.
An atom which is likely to give off one or more electrons when placed in a crystal
dopant atom with a valence higher than of the host material atoms. Donor atoms add energy levels below the conduction band.
A material that is intentionally added to a pure semiconductor material in order to increase the population of free electrons in that semiconductor, resulting in a net negative charge. A semiconductor that has had donor material added to it is called "n-type."
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(e.g. OB-1, Yoda, Baba-Yaga, et. al.) - 5 functions of donors - three types: 1) universal, 2.) partial and 3.) specific
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Dont fight the tape DOP
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a terrible thing to waste
In a transfer, the letter from which the transferred text is taken.
In resonant energy transfer, the molecule that absorbs a photon and initiates energy transfer to the acceptor.
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This is an awful poker player who dispenses money like a cash machine.
An individual who commissions an artwork for presentation to a church or other institution.
The individual whose stem cells will be given to the recipient
The supplier of the resources in the form of external assistance to the recipient.
"Donor" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on 29 January, 1999 .
In plant breeding, a variety that serves as a source of characteristic such as insect resistance.
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One who grants an estate; in later use, one who confers a power; -- the opposite of donee.
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a normal animal