Definitions for "Charitable trust"
A trust set up to benefit a charity.
trust which is held indefinitely for charitable purposes only.
An irrevocable trust which pays income to one or more individuals until the death of the grantor. At this time, the balance of the trust passes to a designated charity on a tax free basis.
a flexible planned giving option that benefits you and Cistercian
a legal arrangement in which you transfer property to a trustee, who uses the property for the benefit of the organization or person you name
a binding legal agreement of some complexity, and the Medical System requires that you be advised by an attorney when creating one
a contract, so that the State cannot change its administration without the assent of all the parties who created it
a registered, non-profit, and non-government voluntary service organisation
A body constituted as a charity whose express purpose is to give money away to other voluntary sector bodies across a wide range of needs.
a great way to support the ministry of International Bible Society
a legal entity which can be set up by anyone who has decided to commit themselves in principle to setting aside some of their assets or income for charitable causes
a unique giving opportunity because it not only allows you to give to the charity of your choice on your schedule, but it also allows you to secure a current income tax deduction
a organized to serve
Annuity Typically an agreement in which you transfer cash or other assets to a charitable organization in exchange for its promise to pay you an annuity for life or for a term of years.
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