Definitions for "grantor"
The person by whom a grant or conveyance is made.
The grantor is the person who creates the living trust. She decides what property to include in the trust. She also decides who the beneficiaries of the trust will be. Because the trust is revocable until the grantor's death, she can change any part of the trust as often as she likes. The grantor is also known as the trustor.
A person, partnership or corporation that gives or conveys an interest in property. Often used to identify the creator of a trust.
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An LME term for an options writer. See Writer and Taker.
A person who sells an option and assumes the obligation to sell (in the case of a call) or buy (in the case of a put) the underlying futures contract at the exercise price. Also referred to as an "Option Seller" or "Writer."
The person or firm that sells an option.
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The grantor is the public entity responsible for the project (in this case, FDOT) that will enter into a concessionary agreement to grant the Concession, make payments, and supervise the project’s design, construction, operations and maintenance.
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The agency or funding source awarding the funds to carry out a project.
The agency which awards the funds to carry out a project.
The organization or individual awarding a grant or cooperative agreement.
The party granting an interest in land. Unpatented land can only be granted by the Crown.
One who gives gifts, rights or property.
Borrower who pledges his property as collateral for the mortgage
Individual or organization that makes a grant. Also called a donor.
One who gives title to another.
Someone who gives something.
funding source which has agreed to provide financial support in the form of a grant.
The individual or organization that makes a grant.
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One who makes a grant..