Definitions for "General government"
The Nazi-ruled state in central and eastern Poland. Headed by Governor Hans Frank.
Resident public entities that are mainly engaged in the production of goods and services outside the normal market mechanism for consumption by governments and the general public. Costs of production are mainly financed from public tax revenues. Goods and services are provided free of charge or at nominal charges well below the costs of production.
Defined in the SNA as the following group of resident institutional units: (a) all units of central, state, or local government; (b) all social security funds at each level of government; and (c) all nonmarket, nonprofit institutions that are controlled and mainly financed by government units. The sector does not include public corporations, even when all the equity of such corporations is owned by government units. It also does not include quasi-corporations that are owned and controlled by government units. However, unincorporated enterprises owned by government units that are not quasi-corporations remain integral parts of those units and, therefore, must be included in the general government sector.