Definitions for "Bureaucrat"
An official of a bureau; esp. an official confirmed in a narrow and arbitrary routine.
an official of a bureaucracy
A person who works for government. An official or manager in a bureaucracy.
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n.: A politician who has tenure.
An administrator who has the ability to make other users into administrators. [ edit
A Wikibooks Administrator who has been entrusted with promoting users to sysops. Bureaucrats can also rename user accounts.[ edit
a person who cuts red tape lengthwise
a person who cuts red tape sideways
A red tapeworm.
an oppressive futuristic government questions authority and pays the consequences
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an expensive microchip
a Democrat who holds some office a Republican wants
Keywords:  slimeball, truth, far, last, may
a slimeball (that last one may not be too far from the truth)
Keywords:  quo, ceased, defends, status, long
a person who defends the status quo long after the quo has ceased to have any status
a person who knows all the rules without understanding any of their purposes