Definitions for "Tenure"
The act or right of holding, as property, especially real estate.
The manner of holding lands and tenements of a superior.
The consideration, condition, or service which the occupier of land gives to his lord or superior for the use of his land.
In education, legal status for teachers or college professors who have taught a set number of years and been approved as a qualified teacher, which protects them from being fired without cause.
That condition attained by a faculty member through highly competent scholarly activities which assures the faculty member security of employment and immunity from reprisals or threats due to an intellectual position or belief which may be unpopular and which guarantees annual reappointment for the faculty member until voluntary resignation, retirement, or removal for adequate cause.
A kind of protection against termination of one-s faculty appointment except for gross malfeasance or financial exigency.
Refers to whether some member of the household owns or rents the dwelling, or whether the dwelling is Band housing (on an Indian Reserve or settlement). A dwelling is classified as “owned” even if it is not fully paid for, such as one which has a mortgage or some other claim on it. A dwelling is classified as “rented” even if it is provided without cash rent or a reduced rent or if the dwelling is part of a cooperative. (Source: Statistics Canada)
Whether a housing unit is owner or renter occupied. Owner Household - A dwelling whose principal occupant is the owner of the dwelling. Renter Household - A dwelling that is not occupied by its owner. (Data Source: Local Sources)
the way in which property is held. A house of flat may be owned by the occupier or rented, either from the council or from a private landlord.
This term refers to a fund manager's time at the helm. Since managers are responsible for the performance of the portfolios they run, tenure is an excellent way to determine the relevance of any performance history. Note that just because a manager may not have a lengthy tenure at the fund you're thinking of buying (the average tenure is under 4 years), doesn't mean he or she didn't have solid and relevant experience elsewhere.
The year a mutual fund's current portfolio manager took control. A fund's performance track record is virtually meaningless if the current manager hasn't been running the fund for long. The average fund manager sticks around for just 4.6 years.
The tenure of a Knesset Member is from the day on which he/she is elected and till the end of the Knesset term. On the opening day of the Knesset, each Member makes a declaration of allegiance.
A term used to describe the length of service and membership in Scouting, for boys and registered adult leaders. Tenure is only accrued while a registered Scout or Scouter.
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Term Terminal bonus
Period from the date of disbursement of the loan to the date of closure of the loan.
This is the term used to represent the number of years for which the loan is given. The loan amount gets amortized over the period of the loan.
Duration of employment with a given company.
give life-time employment to; "She was tenured after she published her book"
The length of time of the customer relationship.
Length of lease.