Definitions for "Residency"
continued training in a chosen specialty that goes on for 3-5 years after the completion of medical school. Residencies are available in anesthesia, pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology, psychiatry, obstetrics/gynecology, internal medicine, family medicine, surgery, ophthamology, radiology, and emergency medicine.
the position of physician who is receiving special training in a hospital (usually after completing an internship)
a joint program of Norwalk Hospital and Yale University School of Medicine
a necessary but not sufficient condition for in-state tuition
an interactive arts activity involving students, teachers, and artists
a quality interaction between an identified group of students, teachers, and a resident artist
The number of courses or credits (or percentage of the program) you must complete at an institution to graduate from that institution.
Specified courses or credits from AU may be required to obtain a credential. Residency requirements are part of a program's regulations.
The number of courses or credits (or percentage of the program) that must be completed at the institution granting a credential.
In order to bring an action for divorce in most states, the spouse filing for the divorce must have lived in the state for a minimum time before filing the action. This minimum time is different for each state. Please contact 1-800-773-0888 for more details. It does not matter where you were married, so long as state requirements are satisfied. Furthermore, being away on a business trip, vacation, or simply temporarily away does not stop your residency. After filing the petition, there is no longer a residency requirement, and you or your spouse may move anywhere (unless you have children, in which case, you are not permitted to move them without prior written permission of the other spouse or court order).
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A political agency at a native court in British India, held by an officer styled the Resident; also, a Dutch commercial colony or province in the East Indies.
an intense and creatively stimulating experience
an intensive, multi-week work effort where small teams explore and document product implementation, integration and operations
a three-week period of intense instructor led courses held here at Royal Roads University
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See Australian residency and Queensland residency.
A specified time period during which a professional artist, contracted by a school or an arts and cultural organization, provides services supplemental to existing educational programs and community outreach.
an exciting time of rapid learning and personal development, a time when the support of family and friends is very important
an opportunity to learn a great many things, but not much about the economics of health care
a must with supporting documentation
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the act of dwelling in a place