Definitions for "Commuter "
Keywords:  suburb, regularly, travel, city, forth
One who commutes; especially, one who commutes in traveling.
of or pertaining to commuting, in the sense of traveling; used for commuting; as, a commuter airline.
someone who travels regularly from home in a suburb to work in a city
Keywords:  campus, ithaca, gcc, student, parker
a student parker who officially resides off-campus and drives to campus for classes
a student who lives off-campus and drives to class acne product, or commutes
A student who lives off campus and drives to campus to go to class.
Keywords:  passenger, taxi, ridden, payload, cfr
An air carrier operator operating under 14 CFR 135 that carries passengers on at least five round trips per week on at least one route between two or more points according to its published flight schedules that specify the times, day of the week, and places between which these flights are performed. The aircraft that a commuter operates has 30 or fewer passenger seats and a payload capability of 7,500 pounds or less.
a passenger train that is ridden primarily by commuters
An exempt for-hire air carrier that publishes a time schedule on specific routes; a special type of air taxi.
Commuter is a command line tool that creates image/photo mosaics from an image, i.e. a mosaic where every tile of the image is itself a smaller picture. Tiles are chosen from a previously generated 'album'. The chosen tile is dependent on user specified tolerances and duplication control options. An album generation tool is included.