Definitions for "Travel agency"
an agency that arranges personal travel
a specialized agency that arranges personal, business or group travel
refers to entities qualified to sell tours, cruises, transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, transfers, sightseeing and all other elements of travel to visitors in a certain geographic area at a certain moment in time and within certain conditions. The agency acts as a broker, bringing the buyer and seller together. They do not substitute the service-providing unit, but play the role of providing information and access to the visitor and are the middlemen in the purchase of certain services. Reference: Tourism Satellite Account: Methodological Reference, 2000 (WTO) paragraph 3.37, page 40; International Tourism: Global Perspective (WTO) 1st edition: October 1997, page 389; and Principles of Tourism, Part I – 1999, Zenaida L. Cruz, Ph.D.
Usually used in the travel industry to refer to an ARC-appointed storefront retailer.
a collection of people who are passionate about travel
a store where individuals or families go to buy travel packages
a business that provides a service to its customers