Definitions for "Customer Service Representative"
Keywords:  inquiries, csr, complaints, clpud, cibt
A role that users can be assigned in Microsoft CRM. A customer service representative provides service to the customers of the organization or business unit through the opening and resolution of cases, among other activities.
An agent who handles customer calls and contacts including account inquiries, complaints, or support calls.
A customer service person, or agent, whose job it is to handle outgoing or incoming calls, for example, a CSR is an agent in an ACD group.
A Purolator employee who performs sales support through: Telemarketing, Customer needs analysis, Resolving customer service problems, Generating sales leads and other functions.
Any person, other than a sales person, who provides support to customers face-to-face or through communications media.
The individual at Crystal International who assists the shipper with all the details of their relocation. For any questions that arise; inquires, or shipment status, just call 1-800-307-8900.