Definitions for "psa"
pressure sensitive adhesive that can be applied to all foams.
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. An adhesive which remains 'tacky' when dry and which is used in the manufacture of self-adhesive labels.
Pressure sensitive adhesive. (extended definition) Adhesive that remains tacky after curing or setting. Firmly adheres to a variety of dissimilar surfaces upon mere contact without the need of more than finger or hand pressure.
PSA is a 34 kilodalton glycoprotein serine protease, the function of which is to break down seminogelins I and II and fibronectin which form the seminal coagulum. This action of PSA releases spermatozoa from semen and allows them to migrate freely within the female genital tract. A protein secreted by the epithelial cells of the prostate gland including cancer cells. An elevated level in the blood indicates an abnormal condition of the prostate gland, either benign or malignant. PSA is used to detect potential problems in the prostate gland and to follow the progress of therapy
A marker used to determine prostate disease. The disease may be benign or malignant.
A gland protein made by the prostate. The PSA test is used to help find prostate cancer as well as monitor the results of treatment.
psa: Paperless Shop Administration. Uses MySQL, PHP and HTML. Assuming, you have a Shop, you need to buy products, sell them, create and print bills, work with customers data. It will create rankings forbest-buy-products
A prepayment model based on an assumed rate of prepayment each month of the then unpaid principal balance of a pool of mortgages. PSA is used primarily to derive an implied prepayment speed of new production loans, a 100% PSA assumes a prepayment rate of 2% per month in the first month following the date of issue, increasing at 2% per month thereafter until the 30th month. Thereafter, 100% PSA is the same as 6% CPR.
Prepayment Speed Assumptions. A measure of the rate of prepayment of mortgage loans. This model represents an assumed rate of prepayment each month of the then-outstanding principal balance of a pool of new mortgage loans. A 100 percent PSA assumes prepayment rates of 0.2 percent per annum of the then unpaid principal balance of mortgage loans in the first month after originations and an increase of an additional 0.2 percent per annum in each month thereafter (for example, 0.4 percent per annum in the second month) until the 30th month. Beginning in the 30th month and in each month thereafter, 100 percent PSA assumes a constant annual prepayment rate (CPR) of 6 percent. Multiples are calculated from this prepayment rate; for example, 150 percent PSA assumes annual prepayment rates will be 0.3 percent in month one, 0.6 percent in month two, reaching 9 percent in month 30 and remaining constant at 9 percent thereafter. A 0 percent PSA assumes no prepayments.
Pacific Strategies and Assessments
Preliminary Site Assessment, a publicly-available document prepared by DEC to document site conditions and the initial site investigation to determine State Superfund eligibility
The Psoriasis Symptom Assessment (PSA) is a measure of the patient’s frequency and severity of symptoms.
The integration of planning, resource management, project management and project accounting for service organizations. PSA vendors base their businesses on software licensing or subscription, mainly to external service providers (ESPs), and often offer resource exchange capability in conjunction with their software. PSA applications offer opportunity management, time-and-expense, invoicing and other features targeted to professional-service firms. Service process optimization (SPO) is a related term, but it encompasses internal service departments as well as ESPs. See SPO.
Personal Services for Adults
Professional Speakers Association of Europe
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Partido Socialista Andaluz
Public Securities Association. A trade organization of dealers, brokers, and...
Public show of affection
PUBLIC SECURITIES ASSOCIATION. A UB-based industry organization of bond market participation. The PSA establishes non-binding standards of business conduct in the fixed-income securities market and advises regulators and others on market practices.[ ] REBATE A method of fee quotation used in the international securities lending market, the rebate is the difference between the interest rate obtained by the lender (on cash collateral lodged with the lender by the borrower) and the loan fee the lender wishes to charge.
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Pisces Austrinus
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psoriatic arthritis
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Production sharing agreement.
Priority Service Agreement - there are two PSA targets set by DCMS for 2004-2006: to increase the number of contacts between children and regional hub museums by 25% by 2005/06; to attract an additional 500,000 visits to regional museums by new users predominantly from social classes C2DE and ethnic minorities by the end of 2005/06.
Private siding agreement
This deliverable document defines and specifies the overall pilot system platform starting from the high level architecture down to its building blocks. Among other features, the PSA points out the strategic role of the satellite communications component in the proposed system compared to potential alternatives. The PSA is regularly updated and is reviewed with the Agency at all milestones.
Precursor System Architecture
PREFERRED SPIN AXIS. It is the final axis a ball achieves while rolling down the lane. It is heavily influenced by the amount of friction and bowler generated revolutions.
The axis line that your ball prefers to spin around, based on the interior dynamics of the core. This spin axis is usually the high RG axis.
Prices Surveillance Authority. The former Commonwealth Government agency responsible for administering legislation concerning prices, and merged in 1995 with the Trade Practices Commission to form the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.
Pacing system analyzer. An external testing and measuring device used during pacemaker implantation to pace the heart and take various measurements from the leads to ensure they are in the correct location and functioning properly.
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Packet-switching ASIC on Cisco 12000 Series Engine 2 line cards.
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PPI Producer Price Index
Photographic Society of America
Patient-Synchronized Applications Integration Profile.
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Free air time provided to community organizations by the media under government requirements.
See Personal Retirement Savings Accounts.
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Product Specific Attribute