Definitions for "Analyzer"
This software gives you at the moment what means any of that blood or urine analyses you do. It's only for educational purposes, doesn't make diagnostics.
an instrument that performs analyses
chart, grid or electronic instrument used to determine correct color filtration when making color prints.
The part of a polariscope which receives the light after polarization, and exhibits its properties.
see polarizer
A second polarizing element inserted above a preparation. When its vibration direction is at right angles to the vibration direction of the polarizer, the field becomes black if no anisotropic specimen is on the stage.
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a TokenStream factory
A device which conducts periodic or continuous measurement of some factor such as chlorine, fluoride, or turbidity. Analyzers operate by any of several methods including photocells, conductivity or complex instrumentation.
A tool used to examine performance data collected by the Collector. The Analyzer processes the collected data into displays of your choice. You then use these displays to examine the collected performance data.
a perfect tool for independent spyware researchers who frequently analyze the EULA as a regular part of their practice and volunteer efforts
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Analyzer is a network analyzer for Win32, based on the WinPcap packet capture library. It provides also monitoring and event logging capabilities. Analyzer makes use of the NetPDL language, which allows changing the protocol description dynamically.
The Calculus project should include a derivator for multiple derivatives, and integrator for iterated integrals and other calculus features that I am not familiar with as of yet. This project is based on C and GNU bc.
A business-level strategy that seeks to minimize risk by following competitors' innovations but only after they have proven successful.
a highly selective detector for organic nitrogen compounds
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a knowledge-based system for doing analysis
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(see Real Time Analyzer)
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One who, or that which, analyzes.