Definitions for "Qualitative"
Referring only to the characteristics of something being described, rather than exact numerical measurement. Indicative only of relative sizes or magnitudes, rather than their numerical values. A qualitative comparison would say whether one thing is larger, smaller, or equal to another, without specifying the size of any difference. As opposed to quantitative.
Qualitative forecasting | Quantitative | Questionnaire | Quota sampling
Research in which questions are open-ended, and results are expressed in non-numerical terms. Contrasts with quantitative research. Often shortened to qual.
without using numbers or exact measurements, but just in a rough sort of way. By dropping a ball bearing and a pingpong ball I showed qualitatively that dense objects fall faster than less dense ones.
Giving a tendency instead of numbers, e.g. "Starship A is faster than starship B".
studies, usually descriptive in nature, in which knowledge is developed inductively from the data.
a description of an event or occurrence that conveys the sentiment and feeling without using specific measures. (i.e. '...a long walk...')
An approach to evaluation or part of an evaluation that is primarily descriptive and interpretative.
A test that is qualitative determines the presence or absence of a substance (antibody/antigen), e.g. an EIA detects the presence or absence of chlamydia.
A scientific study in which detailed information is obtained about complex issues, sensitive topics or life experiences. The information provides a deeper understanding and is used to generate new theories or hypotheses.
Information about the quality of something
Like perceptions, not expressed as a quantity.
relating to, or expressed in terms of, quality. Qualitative research is based on individual, often subjective, analysis.
Of, relating to, or expressed in relative or subjective terms‹impossible to precisely quantify.
(adj.) A type of data used as a method of labeling and identifying. Qualitative data are classified as being either nominal or ordinal.
Pertaining to the subjective nature of some variable of interest. For example, view, fire protection, quality, or site/location.