Definitions for "Validation"
Methods or strategies used for checking the validity of a predictor. Example: the investigation into the link between a personality test and job success.
A post-research essential; Validation in the process by which a respondent verifies that the interview was conducted correctly.
A way to confirm values in an editorialized used vehicle by checking on the actual selling prices of comparable vehicles.
Making sure all surveys were actually conducted and that they were completed properly.
The process of making sure that the data within an XML document is formatted properly according to a DTD.
Making sure that a player is eligible to win addition jackpot amounts.
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Checking after bingo is called to establish a players' eligibility for the jackpot award.
Eligibility necessary to gain extra prizes. The cost varies by the amount of cards played by a player.
The right to win additional Bingo jackpots. The price is varies according to the number of played cards.
A validation is the evaluation of a system during development or at the time of completion to determine if it satisfies all the requirements.
verification, in the context of backchecking interview data. This is also referred to as backchecking.
Determination of the extent to which a model is well-founded and fulfills the purpose for which it was constructed. Validation denotes the establishment of legitimacy. It requires verification and successful evaluation.
operations programmed into a database application which force users to enter an appropriate value for a particular field. Types of validation can include: non-empty field - users cannot leave a particular field empty non-duplicate entry - users cannot insert the same value that exists in another record range - users can only enter values within a specific range fixed list - users can only select a value from a drop-down menu numeric data type - users can only enter a number in a number field fixed length - users cannot enter values longer than that allocated for a field.
A method for ensuring that the contents of a form field are within certain parameters. If a user enters data outside the parameters, a dialog box appears notifying them of the error and what to do to correct it.
To check whether a document is the correct type for a particular EDI system, as agreed upon by the trading partners, in order to determine whether the document is going to or coming from an authorized EDI user.
The authorized stamping or writing upon the passenger ticket evidencing that it has been officially issued by the carrier.
handstamp, adhesive stamp, perforation etc. added to the note for new validation of currency.
A compulsory act prior to boarding a train at any time on the Metro do Porto network. The validation is performed by optically reading the Andante card when the passenger passes the card over the reader of a validation machine. Validation machines are available in all stations.
The action (or process) of proving that a procedure, process, system, equipment, or method used works as expected and achieves the intended result (can be performed at both analytical and clinical level).
Validation includes all the laboratory investigations that demonstrate that the performance characteristics of an assay are suitable and reliable for its intended analytical use. It describes in mathematical and quantifiable terms the performance characteristics of an assay.
provides the evidence that a method is assessing the parameter of interest and not something else.
Corroboration to determine a fit between a hypothesis and evidence.
At advancement, a small percentage of members will be asked to provide further documentation about their Mentor Program. This validation (or audit) will ensure that this member has: been actively participating in the Mentor Program met with their mentor for at least 10 hours per year gained at least 75 per cent of the skills required in their chosen areas of work (competencies) evidence (workplace documentation) to support their claim they have the required skills
A means of determining if a call is billable for the type of service the caller is attempting to access.
Determination that a document obeys all the rules set out in its schema.
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a joke, but no one understands the punchline
Pharmaceutical sanitary standard.
A set of debugging functions that cause one or more actions to occur whenever a QuickDraw GX function is called or whenever the internal memory manager is called See also: public validation, internal validation
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A means to provide timeliness of authorization to use or manipulate information or resources.
Form that defines values required by Banner.
Comparison of ANN performances with requirements previously settled
It means the HTML code or java script code or any other code of your Web page is error free and that the all tags are functioning properly as per the standards of W3 consortium.
An attempt to find errors by executing a program in a given environment.
The imprint placed on a document, usually from a cash register printer.
means, for the purpose of this Manual, to focus on scientific and technical information to determine if the food safety management system in place will effectively control the food safety hazards once implemented.
a written decision by a Human Resources Development Centre that no qualified Canadian is available to fill the position
Authentication of B/L and when B/L becomes effective.
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How to validate the pages in this Website. View page
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The act of giving validity.