Definitions for "gaming"
The act or practice of playing games for stakes or wagers; gambling.
Gambling. Nothing to do with the word ‘gameâ€(tm) in the sense of hunted animals.
Sleazy industry euphemism for GAMBLING.
A technique in which the student is presented situations involving choice and risks. The choices and the consequences resemble real-life situations, and the players are reinforced for various decisions. Gaming is typically an enjoyable learning method for the student.
Using software to model a situation for the purpose of a game, eg modelling a forest where treasure must be found.
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Speaker system setup utilizes additional inputs designed for gaming system outputs. In addition, a gaming mode option may be available, taking advantage of 4 channel surround sound output from gaming sound cards. From the dual inputs, the left front and right front signals are sent to their respective satellites, and the left rear and right rear channels are sent to the rear satellites. In this particular setup, the Subwoofer receives information from both the inputs (the 4 channels).
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not a good idea if you've got a sharp deadline but lots of fun for designers in the breaks.
a test laboratory specialized in testing machines and equipment to local laws and regulations
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