Definitions for "Conformance"
fulfillment of an implementation of all requirements specified; adherence of an implementation to the requirements of one or more specific specifications or standards.
Fulfillment by a product, process, systems, or service of a specified set of requirements.
An executable program conforms to the Fortran 90 Standard if it uses only those forms and relationships described therein and if the executable program has an interpretation according to the Fortran 90 Standard. A program unit conforms to the Fortran 90 Standard if it can be included in an executable program in a manner that allows the executable program to be standard-conforming. A processor conforms to the standard if it executes standard-conforming programs in a manner that fulfills the interpretations prescribed in the standard.
a relationship between the two descriptions, accompanied by a justification that includes the mapping between them and rationale for choices made
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" Conformance icons for ATAG 1.0". Information about ATAG 1.0 conformance icons is available at
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The process of determining whether a request for personally identifiable information (PII) matches the rules defined in a single governing privacy policy. See also conformance check.
correspondence in form or appearance
Action or behavior in correspondence with current customs, rules, or styles.