Definitions for "Rework"
Repetition of a manufacturing process to bring an assembly into compatibility with a spec or contract requirement.
Purchased or manufactured items that have failed a usability test and require the addition of labor or materials to avoid being scrapped.
The process of bringing a defective assembly into conformance with a required level of quality.
a challenge, but not for the experts at Circuit Technology Center
a challenge, but not for the experts at Maxom BGA Solutions
A database independant form builder. Designed to build web interfaces based on a database schema. Providing user administration, authenication, form validation, work flows and more. Based on ideas from Oracle Forms and Sebiel. Works with MySQL, PostgreSQL
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Rib Rifflers
a topic about which volumes have been written, and in most cases the focus has been on component removal and replacement
Perishables: To crisp or trim a product that looks case- worn. Grocery: To re-affix labels. To refine a category or shelf set.
(1) The process of correcting a defect or deficiency in a product or part. (2) Units of product requiring correction.
Correction of a printer error or shortage. to top
Rework refers to any work that is performed to correct defects.
The act of undoing or redoing a task that was last completed incorrectly. ( Find out more)
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use again in altered form; "retread an old plot"
Repeated work required when a process fails or standards are missed.
All repairs that have to be done again due to a poor repair the first time. Note: A combination of poor planning and scheduling. Usually due to lack of skills, material problem, missing spare parts, or not enough time assigned to do a precision job before starting equipment again.
The delivery of contractor work that responds to a quality review memo sent by us. It should address all the problems indicated in the review memo.
Activity or effort required to convert an otherwise unacceptable outcome of a process into an acceptable outcome.