Definitions for "Corrective Action"
A corrective action is the change made to eliminate the cause of failure. From this definition, it is clear that the cause of failure must be known before an effective corrective action can be devised. Lacking accurate knowledge of cause, any action taken risks missing the point, wasting time and money, and establishing false practices, which often confound the problem, rather than correcting it.
Generally defined as any step or activity that a state or entity must complete in order to correct identifed non-compliance with the law. Under the No Child Left Behind Act, it is a term defined in section 1116(b)(7).
any action to bring the process into control and manage any affected product when critical limits or other criteria are not met. The action is to be prompt and appropriate to the seriousness of the deficiency.
a procedure followed when a deviation occurs
Procedures followed when a deviation occurs.
The formal University process by which unacceptable employee behavior or performance is addressed when the more informal approach of coaching or counseling does not produce the desired improvement. See Performance Management Policy.
The sequential application of the Discipline Ladder [See Discipline Ladder.
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Changes made in order to bring the project within the planned scope, budget or schedule.
changes made to bring future project performance back into line with the plan.
means an activity that is conducted by a person when a critical limit is not met.