Definitions for "recommendation"
a letter written by alumnae members of NPC groups recommending a potential new member for membership.
a letter of introduction from a former sorority member (alumna) written about a Potential New Member
When the Adjudicator reaches a decision on a complaint, she sends a letter to the complainant and organisation setting out her findings. We call these recommendation letters because they set out what, if anything, she recommends the organisation to do to put matters right.
That which recommends, or commends to favor; anything procuring, or tending to procure, a favorable reception, or to secure acceptance and adoption; as, he brought excellent recommendations.
something that recommends (or expresses commendation) of a person or thing as worthy or desirable
any quality or characteristic that gains a person a favorable reception or acceptance or admission; "her pleasant personality is already a recommendation"; "his wealth was not a passport into the exclusive circles of society"
in international law, a text - in principle, not, binding upon the States party to it - which provides only directives to be followed and measures to be taken.
Weaker than a decision or a resolution and not binding on Parties.
A decision reached by the Council of Ministers that does not have the full force of a Directive. It establishes desired standards, or end results, without requiring member states to incorporate it into national legislation. The weaker Commission Recommendation is a measure that is not universally accepted by all EU member states.
a specification that has been approved by the committee members and made public
a work that represents consensus within FpML
When a project team has identified the root cause(s) of the problem, they recommend a treatment, or solution, to the gap in performance. This treatment is presented to the Cabinet for approval, including an overview of how it will be implemented.
proposal for action to be taken in a specific circumstance, including the parties responsible for that action. Example: As a strategy to ensure the acceptability of its research results by target users, the Agricultural Science and Technology Institute should establish a centre for sharing of information between the target users and the Institute. Through a systematic information exchange programme, the Institute should provide target users with information on new technologies being developed and obtain their views on how to improve such technologies.
something (as a course of action) that is recommeended as advisable
a communicated judgement on the fitness of an object for a given purpose
An opinion given by an analyst to his/her clients about whether a given stock...
A statement issued by analysts about the prospects of a stock, typically in the form of a strong buy, buy, accumulate, hold, or sell recommendation.
Analyst statement regarding the future prospects of a particular stock's prices.
a means to provide information to assist third year students in the selection of a handheld device to be used for logging the Basic Clinical Skills competency procedures
Means that a student is advised, but not required, to have a COMPASS test score or class before enrolling. Students who do not have the recommended skill levels may not be successful in the class.
Something put forward as worth y of acceptance on the basis of fitness, worth iness, or competence. Typically, a recommend ation is preceded by a factual account and justification or conclusion. [D03223] RMW
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The state of being recommended; esteem.
A conformace criteria where the imperative is SHOULD, SHOULD NOT, or RECOMMENDED.
is an instrument not open to ratification but which lays down general or technical guidelines to be applied at the national level. They often provide detailed guidelines to supplement principles set out in Conventions, or they may provide guidance on subjects which are not covered by Conventions.
a useful mechanism to support a Convention and would ensure that the provisions of a Convention are taken seriously by member States
A technical specification which has been endorsed by the W3C. Similar to what other standards organizations would call a "Standard".
a coveted independent endorsement of the quality work and commitment that your business has achieved
a discussion at all levels to identify guidelines for the approach of Health facility providers and CBDs
a private moderator pit to discuss situations like at the-pit
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an RSS item that points to an ordinary web page
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Many providers of research on securities provide a recommendation; such as buy, sell or hold. Each should also provide an explanation of the bass of and meaning of the recommendation.
a powerful thing
a review of a specific person, place, or thing
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a significant factor to judges
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a way for users who do not have permissions to create a document in the knowledge base to recommend a new document
a statement of practice that potentially provides a health benefit to the population served
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When a broker recommends lists to his or her Client.
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The act of recommending.