Definitions for "Judgement"
judicial determination of a matter
The ruling or order of the court. The judgment is the official decision regarding child Support and can be found in the divorce decree or order. (See court order page for your state)
A decision made by a court of law. In judgments that require the repayment of a debt, the court may place a lien against the debtor's real property as collateral for the judgment's creditor.
Judgement is an album by British rock band Anathema. It was released on June 21 1999 through Music For Nations. The album marked a definitive departure from Anathema's doom metal roots, focusing on more soft, atmospheric music instead.
'Judgement' is the tenth track of Synchestra by The Devin Townsend Band.
Rational weighing of conflicting relative negative-positive truths to a conclusion, like a judge makes a judgement between conflicting truths.
Determines the most appropriate course of action and draws conclusions that are based on logical assumptions that reflect factual information.
"Judgement" is governed by one of the rare rules of English orthography, so why not enjoy it? After [c] and [g], [e] is retained to indicate the letter is "soft," i.e. pronounced like [s] or [j], respectively. Omitting it indicates it is "hard," i.e. pronounced [k] or [g], as in "fragment," "pigment". If we write "management," "arrangement," we should write "judgement," "acknowledgement," "abridgement." The presence of the [d] is of no significance to English orthography.
A sense of knowledge sufficient to comprehend nature of transaction. The formation of an opinion or notion concerning some thing by exercising the mind upon it.
Process of forming an opinion, based on an evaluation of the situation at hand in comparison with personal values, preferences and insights.
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Judgement (XX) is a Major Arcana Tarot card.
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a legal piece of paper that entitles the winner to recover money from the loser
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third mortgage