Definitions for "Subpoena"
A Writ of Subpoena (or Summons to Witness) is a document which is issued to secure the attendance of a witness to give evidence at a civil or criminal court proceeding, and, where applicable, to ensure that the witness brings any material documents which may be in his or her possession.The court will impose a penalty if the subpoena is not obeyed. Click here to go back to the glossary. If you entered from another page click your web browsers "back" button
A document signed by a member of the Commission or an authorized representative, which compels the attendance of a person at Commission proceedings and may require the person to bring with him/her designated items as specified on the order.
A court order that commands the attendance of a witness and/or the delivery of documents.
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See subpena.
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a faster means to identify an infringer
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a last resort
a request for information and doesn't indicate guilt