Definitions for "ACCOUNTABILITY"
The state of being accountable; liability to be called on to render an account; the obligation to bear the consequences for failure to perform as expected; accountableness.
The process through which institutions and individuals are expected to demonstrate the fulfilment of their obligations, including the proper use of public funds. See also Quality control.
To establish accountability, a museum must demonstrate to auditors, trustees, governing bodies, and insurers that proper, responsible management of objects in custody of the museum is taking place. One important component of accountability is the maintenance of a reliable and up to date physical inventory of the objects in the institution's custody.
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The mother of caution. "My accountability, bear in mind," Said the Grand Vizier: "Yes, yes," Said the Shah: "I do -- 'tis the only kind Of ability you possess." Joram Tate
The doctrine by which one is liable for the criminal conduct of another. Example: A agrees to help B rob a store, but only on condition that there be no violence. B assures A that no one will be hurt in the robbery. B nevertheless kills a clerk in the commission of the robbery. Both A and B may be criminally liable for the murder. [Go to source
The unwavering commitment to deliver agreed-upon results.
Libraries like private sector businesses are increasingly called upon to make all units accountable for results. Growing funds are needed for technology as opposed to only books. Funders often cut the library budget first, in favor of other agencies such as police and fire or other seemingly, more necessary agencies. Libraries are developing better performance measures within the present day control systems to offer better accountability. (Wood and Koontz)
"You're accountable. Remember that even with e-mail there is a written record. Just because it's informal doesn't mean that you're not accountable" (Lawrence J. Magid, "Internet Etiquette").
educational outcomes that are evaluated
Performance measurement and reporting, Outcome assessment and instrumentation, Monitoring and evaluation, Quality improvement, Consumer and family satisfaction, and Audits.
The ability of an interactive service to provide verification of monthly readership and interaction. This data can be sorted by age, sex, or residence. Accountability requires media departments to set performance expectations, so on-line ad placements can be evaluated.
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Fiduciary risk Patronage
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Obligation for keeping an accurate record of custodians, documents, and material, not necessarily vested in the person having possession of the items.
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The system does what it is supposed to do – nothing more, nothing less.
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Approval hierarchy
Provision of evidence that predetermined goals and objectives have been met.
This means telling people about how effective your individuals or teams are at delivering services. Usually, this means providing information (giving an account of your performance), and being held to account
What you can count on a person to do. That person, and only that person, will be called to account if something they have accountability for is not done, or not achieved to the required standards.
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Liability of being called to account
Affective behavior Arm's-length transfer pricing