Definitions for "Auditors"
The name of the auditors of the last set of accounts analyzed. For companies filing a compilation report this will be the reporting accountants and for those filing unaudited accounts, the accountants.
Auditors are person/s who carry out an audit. A company's auditors are normally appointed by the shareholders at the AGM. Their usual role is to check whether the accounts comply with the legislation and are in accordance with applicable Accounting Standards and whether they show a true and fair view.
An accountancy firm who have been appointed to check the accuracy of the company's accounts
Regularly admitted students who register, with the consent of the instructor, for informational instruction only and who receive no credit. They do not take course examinations and the extent of their classroom participation is at the instructor's discretion. Auditors are generally not allowed in art studio, laboratory science, mathematics, elementary and intermediate Hawaiian and foreign languages, creative writing, English composition, physical education, speech and other performance courses or in classes where they might displace credit students. Audit courses are entered on the student's transcripts with a grade of L and are subject to regular tuition and fee charges.
Taking courses for no academic credit. Auditors may attend lectures without writing examinations.
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