Definitions for "annual report"
Audited document required by the SEC and sent to a public companys or mutual...
The Annual Report is a detailed account of every aspect of the Alpha. Typically compiled by the #1 with the assistance of the Alpha's Executive Council, this report is distributed to the Chi Psi community to assess the current state of the Alpha. A blank copy of the Annual Report will be sent to the Alpha during the Spring term.
PA report or tax due to the State for the privilege of doing business in that State.  Some states require information about directors, officers, or members.  Some states only require the name of the entity and the franchise tax payment./P
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annually in arrears
A booklet or book that describes the progress and accomplishments of an organization during a specific time period.
an opportunity to recap work that has been accomplished to date on each program
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a diffent matter as that is anyway public, but books are internal papers which only the tax office can demand
a way to powerful way to distinguish your corporation's image, advance its interests and enhance its competitive position