Definitions for "AGM"
A mandatory yearly meeting of shareholders that allows stakeholders to stay informed and involved with company decisions and workings.
Meeting of security holders convened in accordance with the terms of the Trust Deed.
Annual General Meeting. (GB) or Annual Stockholders Meeting (US) - a yearly meeting to which companies have to invite all shareholders.
Absorbed Glass Mate
Absorbed Glass Mat, a newer type of battery construction that uses saturated absorbant glass mats rather than gelled or liquid electrolyte. Somewhat more expensive than flooded (liquid), but offers very good reliability.
(Absorbent Glass Mat) A lead-acid battery that incorporates a sponge glass mat separator to immobilize the electrolyte. Because of the immobilized electrolyte, AGM batteries will not leak or spill.
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Award of Garden Merit - award presented in the UK by the JIC if an iris is deemed worthy after being on trial for 3 years.
You may see the letters AGM displayed on plant and seed labels they stand for Award of Garden Merit, applied to plants that have performed well in the RHS's trials
Missile Range Instrumentation Ship ATF - Fleet Ocean Tug
Air-to-Ground Missile
ADAPTED GREEK MYTHOLOGY. Most of the Gospel writers knew much about Greek gods and theology. And used it in their books.
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see Assistant Game Master.
Assistant Game Master. a member of the GM team who has lighter and/or different duties than a lead GM, and who might or might not know every detail of the game's characters and plots.
Assistant Game Master. The basic moderator, does all the average moderating, limited responsibility.
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African green monkey.