Definitions for "MERIT"
The quality or state of deserving well or ill; desert.
The quality or state of deserving well; worth; excellence.
Reward deserved; any mark or token of excellence or approbation; as, his teacher gave him ten merits.
The good fortune created by virtuous actions. It is the potential power to increase our good qualities and produce happiness.
Good karma, the potential power for happiness and spiritual realizations that we create by engaging in positive actions.
The spiritual benefits we derive form practicing generosity, ethical conduct, and meditation.
To acquire desert; to gain value; to receive benefit; to profit.
The idea of transfer of the merit from oneís religious practice to another person or for the good of other beings is generally regarded as non-canonical in Theravada Buddhism although it is quite common in practice. In Mahayana Buddhism the dedication of merit for the good of other beings is an essential part of all ritual practice.
Merit is essentially "good Karma." It can be gained in a number of ways. Many of these involve interaction between the sangha and the laity. For example, when a lay person gives a monk food, they gain merit. Acting in a moral manner, teaching the proper belief, preaching, and chanting also gain an individual merit. Worship of the Buddha can also bring merit. The notion of merit plays the largest role in Theravada Buddhism.
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MasterCard Electronically Reduced Interchange (similar to Visa's TMP)
Refers to the qualification levels for a MasterCard transaction. Merit III is the highest discount, followed by Merit II, Merit I, and then Standard.
MasterCard's requirements for obtaining favorable interchange rates. Similar to CPS requirements by Visa.
a principle which requires that decisions on appointment and promotion in the APS be made on the basis of fair and open competition to ensure that the most suitable person is selected having regard to the abilities, personal qualities and experience of applicants. Selections must be made without discrimination, patronage or favouritism and in accordance with equal employment opportunity (EEO) principles.
Merit is the basis of equal employment opportunity in Australia. The merit principle ensures that the best person for the job is employed. It gives all people the right to be considered for a job on the basis of their abilities, qualifications, experience, and standard of work performance.
(Marist's Electronic Reserve Information Technology) refers to the software that drives the James A. Cannavino Digital Library's Electronic Reserve Room. MERIT presently supports thirty separate file formats, including the most frequently used text, audio and video formats.
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Merit is a brand of cigarettes made by Altria.
insecticide; active ingredient: imidacloprid; main application: broad-spectrum insecticide for non-agricultural grass lawns
Certificates, diplomas and some degrees may be awarded ‘with Merit' to students whose performance is considered to be of a very high standard but not sufficiently high for an award ‘with Distinction'.
If something is given or awarded on the basis of merit, those whose work is good will get more than those whose work is less good
See method to extend research in time award.
A special advantage, bonus, or edge the wrestler has not represented by his Attributes, Traits, or Maneuvers.
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Merit is an up-and-coming rock band originating from Syracuse, New York.
The organization that initially managed NSFNET.
When you are entitled to favourable consideration or entitlement.
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Merit-a tool for decision-maker to analyse the energy match between demand and supply
A determination of whether there is a likelihood of success in a compensation matter.
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Grade below a distinction but above a pass.