Definitions for "maker"
Keywords:  trump, tricks, faceup, suit, choose
A player who takes on a specific obligation, such as to take a certain number of points or tricks, often along with the right to choose the trump suit.
the player who chooses trump, either by ordering up the faceup card or naming a trump suit after the faceup card has been march the taking of all five tricks by one side ordering it up accepting the turn-up card as trump, in which case dealer (who may or may not be the one who "ordered it up") picks up that card and makes a discard
The player who sets the trump suit.
Keywords:  poet, laureate, edwin, scots, morgan
One who writes verses; a poet.
Archaic term for poet. In February 2004 Edwin Morgan was appointed as 'the Scots Maker' - a position similar to that of the English poet laureate.
Keywords:  promissory, liable, note, payor, signs
The person who makes a promissory note.
is a. the producer of a product, or, b. the person who signs a check or promissory note, which makes him/her responsible for payment.
A person who signs a negotiable instrument.
Keywords:  atheos, sebastoes, shaddai, jah, abba
The Maker of the Universe. Also called Abba, Atheos, El Shaddai, High King, Jah, Sebastoes, and the Master of Time and Space.
same as producer
Maker is a American hip hop producer. He has released music on Birthwrite Records, Bully Records, Fat Beats Records & Galapagos 4.
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or "Former" is a name in Mayan that refers to such things as cooking and building. In the Popol Vuh, the Maker aids in the creation of the earth.
a person who makes things
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a super and ease-to-use
a super and easetouse tool to convert audio CD to WMA files
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Mandatory Delivery
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The maker of the proposal.
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The borrower.