Definitions for "End user"
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An individual who uses a computer and its applications to perform tasks and produce results.
The person ultimately intended to use a program or system, as opposed to people involved in developing or marketing. (7/96)
The final consumer of a product or service that ultimately determines its acceptability.
Stakeholder who will be directly and personally affected by the Project changes.
An end user is the person that a software program or hardware device is ...
A person who interacts with a biometric system to enroll of have his/her identity checked.
Consumer of products for the purpose of recycling. Excludes products for re-use or combustion for energy recovery.
The person who uses a product (e.g., a computer) after it has been fully developed and marketed, as opposed to someone who uses the same product for development purposes.
An individual who will utilize a product or program.
A person who uses the Library's Networked Services or other information service at a computer work station
A person who accesses a Wireless Edition service from a client device.
The occupant of the premises who uses and pays for the telephone service received and does not resale it to others.
an entity that enters into a financial transaction, through either an organized exchange or a broker, for the purpose of hedging, asset/liability management or speculating
The business that receives the report for decision making purposes that meet the permissible purpose requirements of the FCRA.
For the purpose of this glossary, this term is used to identify specifically the party requiring protective clothing.
Person who uses PeopleSoft to perform tasks
Anyone using CICS to execute one or more transactions to perform a task or set of task (functions).
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Individual who uses EIS in the course of performing job duties or, in the case of students, duties related to academic involvement (e.g. registration, financial aid).
Individual who uses a computer system(s) in the course of performing job duties.
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a prisoner's cell mate
an entity (usually a human being) which wishes to complete a call through a gateway from an IP network to a terminal on a telephone network
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One born every minute.
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The natural gas consumer
an individual who directly uses the network technology