Definitions for "Slamming"
The illegal practice of switching a customer's long distance service from one service provider to another without the customer's permission.
When a consumer's long distance carrier is changed without the customer's knowledge or consent. If you get a bill from an unknown company or find higher interstate charges on your local phone bill, you have probably been slammed. This is illegal and should be immediately reported to both your local phone carrier and the FCC. You can avoid any future slamming by submitting a written PIC Freeze request (see above) to your local carrier.
Changing an end user's primary local exchange carrier or Interexchange Carrier without the end user's authorization. Slamming is unlawful.
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pounding of the sea surface by the ships forward bottom during pitching
Violent impact between sea waves and a portion of a craft's hull, resulting in large plating loads due to the large relative velocity. This can occur subsequent to a forward foil broach.
Heavy impact resulting from a vessel's bottom near the bow making sudden contact with the sea surface after having risen on a wave. Similar action results from rapid immersion of the bow in vessels with large flare.