Definitions for "LEC"
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A local exchange carrier (LEC) is a company that provides intra-LATA (local exchange carrier) telecommunications services, like Bell Atlantic or Bell South.
Local Enterprise Council
A common carrier that delivers local switched services to end-users.
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LAN Emulation client. The end-station part of LANE under ATM.
LAN Emulation Client - Typically located in an ATM end-system (for example, an ATM Module or ATM Switch), its task is to maintain address resolution tables and to forward data traffic. It is uniquely associated with an ATM address.
LAN Emulation Client. A LEC is the entity in an end system that performs data forwarding, address resolution, and other control functions for a single end system within a single ELAN.
in Waterman's numbering system, a suffix on overlay pens denoting "Lower End Covered"
Live End Cap. a sealed housing installed on a primary cable end for the purpose of allowing the cable to be energized after removing defective cable or equipment beyond the live end cap point.
LEC was a Formula One constructor from the United Kingdom. They participated in 5 grands prix, entering a total of 5 cars.
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Lurie Engineering Center
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Lecture. A class wherein the teaching is done primarily through oration.
Library Electronic Classroom, Room 274 in Geisel Library.
Liquid Encapsulated Czochralski growth. learn more.