Definitions for "Constructor"
In C++, a special class member function that has the same name as the class and is used to construct and, possibly, initialize objects of its class type. A return type is not specified. See default constructor and destructor.
stereotype=indicates that an operation creates a new object of its class. Notes. In UML the initial values of attributes can be indicated in the specification of a class and so constructors are optional. In many OO language like C++ and Java default attribute values are not permitted and so constructors are effectively mandatory. Also notice that a constructor should not be shown as returning any type of object. D E
A method that instantiates a class.
Constructor is a 1997 video game released originally for DOS Personal Computers, and later ported to the Play Station and Windows-native DirectX 3. It was developed by System 3 and published by Acclaim.
a collective term that includes contractors, construction company, construction managers, sub-contractors and trades
Any entity performing construction. Can be a contractor or the owner's own forces. Constructor is not a widely used term but is less ambiguous than "contractor", which could mean any two parties that have a contract.
a person or organization who uses information covered bythis agreement to build the Hyperlinks
A constructor is the chassis manufacturer. In most cases, this is different to the engine manufacturer, and the name of the chassis manufacturer is always given before that of the engine manufacturer. In the event of winning the Constructors' World Championship, the title is awarded to the chassis manufacturer.
a list enclosed in parentheses and back-slash
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an upper case identifier, and is associated with zero or more fields, each of which has some type
a system-supplied procedure that is used in SQL statements or in PL/SQL code to construct an instance of the type value
See type constructor.
an identifier, that is an alphanumeric string starting with a letter, or a double quoted string
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a prime candidate for this operation
someone who contracts for and supervises construction (as of a building)
an individual who utilizes skills and knowledge, acquired through education and experience, to manage the execution of all or a portion of a construction project
a procedure that builds a composite value from its components
A constructer.