Definitions for "accessor"
Keywords:  getter, applogic, mutator, slot, ejb
a class operation that does not modify the state of an object
a method, containing information about how to set or access the attributes of an object, based on the type of class rather than on a particular class itself
a method that is used to ask an object about itself
A symbol that gains entry into a state. Each state has only one valid accessor. The accessor array gives the accessor symbol numbers for the states. This permits the terminal and nonterminal transition lists to contain only the state numbers. So when making a transition you must consult the accessor array to see if the token is valid. Several states may have the same accessor, but each state only has one accessor. The terminal accessor numbers are positive and the nonterminal accessor numbers are negative. 0 is the first terminal symbol number.
a personal access device that can be used to control any device that is equipped with a TAP
a personalized device that provides its user with his or her preferred interaction modalities
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a collection of bindings
a group of bindings
Keywords:  get, retrieves, set, write, pair
a get/set pair
A method that sets or retrieves the value of a private data member value that is associated with a property. Read-write properties have get and set accessors. Properties that are read-only have only a get accessor. For more information, see Properties.
a collection of information that describes how data is stored in the consumer's buffer
function which accesses an internal component of a private type.
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a function which returns the value of a data member