Definitions for "interface"
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a surface forming a common boundary between two things, especially between two fluids.
hardware that links one device with another (especially a computer).
That part of a computer program which controls the way a program interacts with a user; the manner of inputting and outputting of data, and the way information is presented on a computer monitor; also called user interface; as, a graphical user interface; a character-based interface.
In the DataBlade Developers Kit, a way to reference a DataBlade module within another DataBlade module. Including an interface in a module creates a dependency on the module providing the interface. BladeManager ensures that the originating module is registered before a module that requires the interface.
In the DataBlade Developers Kit, a way to refer to a DataBlade module within another DataBlade module. Because an interface creates a dependency on another module, BladeManager ensures that the originating module is registered before the module that contains the interface.
In the DataBlade Developers Kit, a set of standard data types and routines in one DataBlade module that can be used by other modules. BladeManager ensures that the originating module is installed before a module that requires the interface.
A Java construct to declare a set of methods that other classes may implement. IData in the Integration Server environment is a Java interface, implemented by an internal class. Also, interface is a deprecated term used to describe what are now called folders for organizing services, records and schemas within Integration Server.
stereotype=indicates a set of operations that may be defined by one or more classes and used by one or more classes. An interface is an abstraction with no implementation and no attributes. [ uml.interface.gif ] [ uml.client.gif
The materialisation of Reference Points when external physical connections to them are required. The Interoperable Interface defines the Protocol suite and the messages carried by protocol. Transaction oriented interoperable Interfaces are based upon an object oriented view of the communication and so all the messages carried deal with object manipulations. It is the formally defined set of Protocols, procedures, message formats and semantics used for Management communications. It is always indicated by upper case. source: ITU-T M.3010, Q3 domain: TMN usage: EU-P109, EU-P103
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Linkage between reservations made and various accounting functions such as invoicing, reports, etc.
A process that moves data from one system to another.
Series of programs that allow the system to exchange data from one format to another.
Eine Menge von Operationen, die einen ADT definieren.
The set of operations that define an ADT.
The line, area or zone where structures and other human development meets with undeveloped wildland or unmodified vegetative fuels.
The geographical meeting point of two diverse systems, wildland and structures. At this interface, structures and vegetation are sufficiently close that a wildland fire could spread to structures or a structure fire ignite vegetation. See intermix.
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interface Schnittstelle
An interface is a named set of operations that characterize the behavior of an element. Interfaces do not have implementations, they lack attributes, states, and associations, they have only operations. Interfaces may also be noted in lollipop and socket notations.
A collection of type signatures, expressing formally the behaviour of an object; its specification (contrasting with its implementation).
The introduction (but not an implementation) of a type at the source code level.
Interface is a 1994 novel by Neal Stephenson and George Jewsbury. It was originally sold with the author pseudonym of Stephen Bury, then reissued as being by Bury and J. Frederick George, and most recently as being by Stephenson and George.
Surface over which continuous phase and discontinuous phase are in contact.
Interface: The contact surface between the thermal spray deposit and the substrate Lamella Lamella: A thin layer as in the overlayed particles in a thermal spray coatings
Interface: The contact surface between the thermal spray deposit and the substrate Kerosene Kerosene: Liquid fuel used in certain HVOF thermal spray processes. Lapping Lapping: Rubbing two surfaces together with, or without abrasives, for the purposes of obtaining extreme dimensional accuracy or superior surface finish.
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An interface represents the connection over the network adapter. In the Routing and RAS Admin tool, it is a visual representation of the network that can be reached over the LAN or WAN adapters. Each interface has a unique name within the Routing and RAS Admin tool. Interfaces are manageable objects, each appearing as a row in the Interface Table of the appropriate SNMP MIB and as an entry in the Routing and RAS Admin Explorer view.
In networking, a logical device over which packets can be sent and received. In the Routing and Remote Access administrative tool, it is a visual representation of the network segment that can be reached over the LAN or WAN adapters. Each interface has a unique name. See also network adapter; local area network (LAN); routing; wide area network (WAN).
How the game is set up for play by the developers. The term includes both how the screen looks (can you see the Inventory items, etc) and the actions you must perform while playing the game in order for the game to progress (is it point and click or keyboard controlled, etc). Back to the Index of Terms
Interface is an electronic music group based on Long Island, New York. It was founded in 1993 by Eric Eldredge (keyboards, sequences, and vocals). Its career has been lined with a steady output of songs and dance remixes for other artists and several lineup shifts.
Interface is an episode from the seventh season of the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation in which Geordi tries to search for his missing mother, a Starfleet captain.
The point on customer's premise at which provision is made for the connecton of other than Telephone Company provided facilities to facilities provided by the Telephone Company. This term is nearly obsolete since divestiture and the detariffing of terminal equipment.
Method or piece of equipment for interconnecting units or systems which may not be directly compatible.
Interface refers to the method, or the piece of equipment, that interconnects units or systems that may not be directly compatible.
A mixture, or commingling, between adjacent products in a multiproduct pipeline interracial mixture.
Interface is the debut album by Dominion. It was released in 1996 on Peaceville Records.
Managing the relationship between QR (as Managementnetwork manager) and rail operators. Interface issues include safety, technical, operational and environmental standards.
Publically vsiible operations provided by an API.
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When a coucilmember hit the manager with a pie.
Interlace Interleaved Stereo
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Bob's alias while he was in the Web. RB: 3
Taken to be the transition between external and internal levels of a device.
An interface is a correction between electronic devices e.g. SCART
Mostly same as "device", see also NIC
That portion of the male tip (nipple) half that establishes and controls interchangeability.
Signal characteristics and meanings of interchanged signals.
A special type of dependency that exists between project or delverables.
A specification of the set of services that a component can provide.
Entry point for a service on a component. The only way where external components can use the services.
A set of protocols between components, such as cables and connectors.
The properties of a procedure, consisting of: specifications of the attributes for a function result, the specification of dummy argument attributes, and the information in the procedure heading.
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As used in context of system services, an interface is a virtual, or logical, assignment of a virtual router instance that provides higher-layer protocol transport. Interfaces are bound to physical ports within the system.
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ST16 Intelligent Mobile Gateway ƒT[ƒrƒX‚É‚¨‚¢‚āAƒCƒ“ƒ^ƒtƒF[ƒX‚͏ãˆÊƒvƒƒgƒRƒ‹‚Ì“]‘—‚ðs‚¤A‰1/4‘z‚Ü‚1/2‚͘_—“I‚ȃo[ƒ`ƒƒƒ‹Eƒ‹[ƒ^EƒCƒ“ƒXƒ^ƒ“ƒX‚ÌŠ„‚è“–‚Ä‚ð‚³‚·BƒCƒ“ƒ^ƒtƒF[ƒX‚Í ST16 “à‚Ì•¨—ƒ|[ƒg‚ɃoƒCƒ“ƒh‚³‚ê‚éB
The intermediate region between fiber and matrix in a composite.
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The interface is the part of the time clock that the employee works with to either enter their information or stamp a card.
The collection of remote procedures that a client and server share.
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a set of facilities which is provided for use by tools.
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See Protocol.