Definitions for "Procedures"
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Each is a series of steps followed in a regular definite order, in response to a highly specific situation, to fulfill a given objective. No reasoning is required, so that this form of knowledge s very efficient of execution, and so is often used in safety-critical scenarios. Typically represented in procedural languages, or graphical means such as Petri Nets.
Definitions of approved methods of conducting business affairs. How to accomplish tasks.
A series of clearly defined steps (and decisions) that explains or describes how one person goes about completing a task.
Procedures are the act or manner of proceeding with a process. A process is a systematic series of actions directed to some end. For instance, the procedures used to complete the process of cleaning a toilet include flushing the toilet, pouring the toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet, allowing it to stand for five minutes, brushing the toilet bowl with a swab etc.
The mode or proceeding by which a legal right is enforced. As distinguished from the substantive law which gives or defines the right and which by means of the proceeding the Court is to administrate. The machinery is distinguished from its product.
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a costly and inefficient business
Specific directions for performing management, maintenance, and other property operations. May change frequently as needs require.
shall mean those procedures and requirements relating to the performance of the Agreement as specified in Schedule 5, as amended from time to time, and any other requirements relating to the performance of the Agreement as implied in the same.
The number of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures performed annually in a hospital setting.
An established method of doing things a set of actions/instructions necessary to do something.
See Methods.
Customary methods of handling activities.
Documented processes that are used when work affects more than one function or department of an organization.
an increasing necessity for all those involved in this process
the information system component that provides instructions to the people involved in the system.
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